This morning I watched as we had a frenzie of fluffy white snow swirl around, which of course got my son all excited and abuzz! However this mini snowstorm only lasted a few minutes, and left no real visible traces on the ground. My son calmed down and life on a Saturday morning returned to normal, with a few occasional flurries continuing to swirl. This excitement and then calming made me think of the use of some of technologies in our classrooms. In the beginning, we had that excited buzz about using the smartboard, ipod and ipads. Everyone wanted to touch, use, engage with them. Now, they have become less of a buzz, and more about the tool we need in order to teach a lesson. A prime example is when I first started using a document camera in my classroom, students and I were so excited and put everything up to be looked at. A little while ago, it was out of use for a day or two. This caused me much stress, as it had become such a part of my lessons. It seemed life in the classroom was disrupted and once it was fixed, life returned to normal and our class seemed at peace again! As we move into engaging kids with our smartboards, ipod, and ipads we must remember the strategies used by colleagues prior to smartboard use so we have these “tools” in our pockets too!

What technologies are you depend on? Do you have a similar story?

Just my thoughts,